That awkward moment when you don’t know whether it’s a curse or a boon…………………

The most common example of a golden curse would be King Midas – everything he touched turned to gold and then he loses his mind because of the hunger and he turns his daughter into a gold statue and then, he repents.

The second would be immortals. I don’t have much knowledge on this so it’s just guess work. Immortals live forever. They watch everybody die, right before their eyes. They are chained to life with a chain made of gold which they will not cut because they fear the unknown so much.

In the Mahabharata, there’s a small side story. One day, Krishna and Arjuna decide to take a walk but get lost in a forest. They ask a family living somewhere on the outskirts of the forest to let them stay there for the night. They agree. During dinner,the head of the family tells them that he was a blacksmith but now he supports his family by selling the milk they get from their cow. In the morning, while leaving, Krishna prays, hoping the cow will stop giving milk. Why would he do such a thing? The cow was the golden curse, a blessing to the man,a curse to the society. The man was skilled as a blacksmith but he stayed at home. Selling milk. It’s not that selling milk is a bad thing. Not using your skills to help people is.

Golden curses can be seen in everyday life. For example, people who have lots of money. The inherited kind of money. They will not learn anything new. They will not do anything new. They just, sit there. Getting their work done for them. Maybe not everybody does it but hey, i have to give a few examples.

It’s hard to identify a golden curse. It depends on perspective and they are masked. It’s best not to think of the effect they will have on a long term because unlike immortals after a long time, we will be dead, maybe that’s a golden curse too. Not enough time to do all the nothing you want.