via Daily Prompt: Hike

I love trekking and I used to get confused with the terms trekking and hiking. I found out that hiking walking, across a long distance, especially cross country and guess what I found as its synonym? Trekking. I have never felt so stupid in my life. Sure, the dictionary could be wrong but we all know how often that happens.

So I have hiked and I’ve loved it. The strain on my calf muscles, the occasional thorn I have to take out of my socks, the sweat on my forehead, wind in my hair…..I love it. One of my aesthetics. Recently, (I say recently but I mean about a year ago) I went on a trip to Coorg with my parents and one set of first cousins(from my dad’s side) and we hiked up this hill and somewhere along the way, we crossed the border into Kerala. Two states in one shot? Why not. Of course we didn’t actually see any part of Kerala but we just stood there, enjoying the clouds.

We touched the clouds and I had a huge goofy grin on my face while I tried to eat it. Am I stupid? Yes. Do I enjoy being stupid? Definitely. Before we reached the hill, we had to walk about 3km on a cemented road and then we walked 2km up the hill. So, 10km in total. Hiking is actually the one thing the whole family has in common, so when we get a chance to hike, we take it and we make sure we enjoy it.