Yesterday, in the evening, my sister and the live in housekeeper found a fledgling in the middle of the road. It couldn’t fly, it couldn’t walk fast enough and they were scared that some car would run it over. So, they brought it home. That little bird caused so much tension in the house…..

“What does it eat? Where do we make it stay? Do we take it back? Will it survive? PLEASE DON’T LET IT DIE!” my sister was shouting this out while hugging my waist. She doesn’t really show many emotions towards me. just the usual playing around but never much love so, this bird was really special to her and I was determined to keep it alive. I mean, if I had known that a bird or a pet would make her show love towards me, I would’ve saved up money and got her a pet long back.

I like showing love towards my sister but she doesn’t really show much love. Oh, but she has no problem showering love on our mother but I still love her, a lot.

So after searching a lot on Google, my mother decided that the search engine was useless and started searching in one book she had. It was written by Poornachandra Tejaswi. A Kannada author and we did find what we were looking for. Since the bird was a fledgling, it could eat cooked rice and egg whites.

The bird has survived and you cannot imagine the relief I felt in the morning when the bird was still alive, asking for food. That’s right, the first thing it did was ask for food and this is not even polite asking, it chirped in a very authoritative manner. Somewhat like “WHERE IS MY MEAL? HAVE YOU NOT PREPARED IT YET?” and how do I know? Well, I just do. We also found that it eats berries and tried feeding it some. In Kannada, we call it Lantana berries. I’m yet to find out what the scientific name is.

That bird does nothing but eat and sleep. My mum looked at me and she asked “That reminds me of someone I know……….” and then our housekeeper said “Oh no, the one we’re talking about doesn’t even eat well. This bird is better than her.” …….thanks a lot everybody.(I do eat well though, don’t believe the nasty  rumours)

Right now, they’ve all gone out to try and find the mama bird. I hope they come back with an empty fruit bowl that’s holding a lot of hay and smiling faces.

[Here are a few pictures. If you happen to know what kind of bird this is, please be sure to comment]