The silence I can feel around me is comforting. I can feel the breeze blowing in through the window. The birds are talking amongst themselves clearly not taking into account my wish for silence. It starts raining. I love the smell of rain and the peace it brings. So calm and serene. Even if it’s a storm.

I look outside the window. There’s small puddles in the garden. Suddenly an orchestra starts off. The frogs play the bass, the crickets play the strings, the owl gives the occasional beat of the loud base drums. The microwave pings signaling that dinner’s ready. The kettle blows its head off. The radio blares out the new songs by famous artists.

The silence is within me, not around me. The sounds of the world and the rare silence of my mind compliment each other so well. I feel complete.

The silence grows along with the sound. Clashing, contrasting, dancing, wrecking.

Sound & Silence.

At your nearest book store. 🙂  [Kidding, I haven’t gotten around to writing any book yet]

Silence | The Daily Post