She’s running down the street, trying to escape from it. She knows she can’t but she’s trying anyway, they all do. She looks behind her shoulder to see if it’s following her, in one second, she loses her focus and trips. I hear her gasp from the pain. Her knees are bleeding. She tries to crawl away from it. She’s too slow. It stretches out its arms. They look like shadows in the evening, long and thin or maybe like withered plants, lifeless and dry. They’re moving towards her, I wish I would do something, I really do. I watch as it moves its shadowy yet sharp form towards her.

Somebody’s switched on their radio.

I’m bulletproof nothing to loose

It’s wrapping its arms around her ankles. She’s kicking and screaming for help.

Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away.

It’s covering her entire body. As if it was going to swallow her whole. I had seen this happen to so many people. You have to understand, I can do nothing. I’m just a spectator. She’s just a shadow now, slowly merging with the darkness.

Shoot me down but I won’t fall.

Suddenly, it started writhing and shrinking away from her. I tensed up. No! This wasn’t supposed to happen…..she was supposed to fade away. She was supposed to be erased!

I am Titanium.

It shot off her. As if it was burnt. She reappeared from the shadows. A blazing white light. Her brilliant aura neutralizing its effect.

Shoot me down but I won’t fall.

She’s walking towards it. It tries to crawl away. Oh, how the tables have turned! She was supposed to fade away……this isn’t right….what’s happening?

I am Titanium.

She touched it and it exploded. From it escaped colours. Hues. The presence of everyone it had erased. For a few seconds, her aura magnified and covered everything. It was like being covered by a blanket of summer and in an instant, I was transported, to my childhood. The memories that I thought I had forgotten, came to life in my mind.

I am Titanium.

I remembered a piece of wisdom someone had given me. “You can see the colours and the light of Life only if you remember to step out of the dark.” I opened my eyes and I saw her, her soul sending beams of  light in every direction. I was free to go. I didn’t have to see people fade away anymore.

She held her hand out to me. I reached out to her and my mind was filled with a sense of peace I hadn’t had the pleasure of experiencing in a long time. She was coming back to normal now. I could see her eyes turning back  to a warm brown hue. Her hair was dimming down to an auburn. She looked up at me.

And as if she hadn’t been in a life or death situation moments ago, she smiled at me as if to inject warmth into my heart. It worked. Then I realized what she was trying tell me…..what she had been trying to tell me for such a long time…..they weren’t the ones fading away, I was and she……she had saved me.

She reminded me of warm summer nights, the smell of freshly mown grass and peppermint candy. She reminded me of apple pies, autumn air and…..warm love. She was a mix of contrasting traits, a collection of paradoxes and I wanted to be her compliment. If she was the wind, I wanted to be the earth, if she was fire, I wanted to be water.

I smiled back at her. I wanted her to know, that I was ready. Ready to move on. With her. I was ready to come out of my shell of misery and start loving again. She laughed and held my hands in hers and guided me out of the dark.

I am Titanium.



Transition-diptic by Helena Wierzbicki inspired me to write this.

(The words in italics are lyrics from Titanium by David Guetta and Sia)