via Daily Prompt: Jump

Alice looked around the garden as her sister read on. She was so bored. She had been watching leaves float along the wind for what seemed like ages. Suddenly she saw a rabbit……..was that a tailcoat? And….it had a watch! “Oh no!” it squeaked. “I’m gonna be late! I am so very late!” and it hopped away.

Intrigued, Alice followed it through the bushes and saw it go down a hole. She walked to the hole and looked into it. Well, she was small enough and it wasn’t as if the hole would be very deep…..but what if there was something scary inside?

Alice looked behind her shoulder and thought of the never ending boredom she would have it face of she went back to her sister and….it wouldn’t take too long………….Alice took a deep breath and then she jumped down the hole.

One jump is all it takes. One leap of faith can take you a long way. Believe in the miracles you can create. The world is a storehouse of wonders and you have a free pass for all its treasures. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.

Daily Prompt – Jump.