via Daily Prompt: Stylish

I love the smell of new clothes and I love the way I look in the mirror. Style for me isn’t just buying new clothes and wearing the same combinations, it’s experimenting with the clothes I have. I love making new combinations with the colours in wardrobe.

Style for me is also the way someone walks. Head held high, squared shoulders, radiating confidence or maybe the relaxed gait, looking as if they belong in that place with their smile attracting everyone and their casual attire painfully beautiful or maybe the way someone stands out in a crowd, daring to be different, creating your path. Maybe that mother who has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulder but she still smiles and laughs as if everything is taken care of, her walk says comfort. How about those young persons standing there, trying to make their way in life, experimenting with all it has to offer. Their walk says determination.

Style isn’t defined as the trend everyone is following. Actually, style isn’t something that can be defined because style is the way you perceive things to be. Style can be anything. Your style of love, cooking, drawing, painting, writing, wearing clothes, living……..

Style is a way of Life.