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Be generous, to yourself

Daily Prompt : Generous


I’m not very skinny……I’m not what you would obese either, I’m not plump…….I’m just average. I eat a lot though…….I’m very generous with my tastes and stomach. Once, I was at this restaurant and I ate a lot and at the end of my meal, I caught this one woman looking at me with horror written all over her face.

I had a little pit of sauce on my chin and I had used a lot of tissues to wipe the mess I had made on my fingers and I was happy……but then I caught that woman looking at me and I sort of felt…….ashamed? I know I shouldn’t but at that moment, reason completely deserts your mind and I felt like a loser.

That was for a split second though and I felt so angry at myself that I let some strangers temporary judgement of me get to me. I love pasta and noodles. I love the way all the flavors combine in my mouth. I love the way chefs know exactly how to please every kind of customer. They are miracle workers and it would be a shame to waste talent like that.

I love desserts the most. Chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, apple pies, strawberry shortcakes, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread…………………

I think that I’m writing this more for myself than for anybody else, to make myself believe in myself. Make sense?

All I’m saying is that, there’s nothing wrong in being generous with yourself. Care for yourself now and then. Buy some new clothes, get a new haircut, indulge in a bit more food than you usually so. There is nothing wrong in being generous towards yourself.



5 thoughts on “Be generous, to yourself

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  1. I entirely agree! Bravo!!

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  2. You are very right dear.. You should have kept eating and she looked and even burped out loud…hehehehe. no shame in being generous to yourself.
    Lovely post..

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