They gave me hoots of encouragement when I was feeling down and made me happier with their  antics. They’re my owls. Not my owls, just owls, neighbors. I don’t really have human neighbors. Mine are snakes, scorpions, owls, birds, cats, dogs…

img_0973 This Achilles and she is one lazy owl. I have never seen her play around with her mates and she will look at me with only one eye open…sure it’s morning and she could be sleeping but when she does look at me, her look will say “Humans, so desperate for my attention”

img_0971 This is Rudy. Look at the way she poses for the camera. A social butterfly. All you have to do is whistle and she will make sure you get a perfect shot. Once, she even hooted to get my attention…”Take as many pictures as you want girl, I know I’m amazing.”

img_0970 Rufus doesn’t really like me much. Every time I try to get him to be still or get a good shot of him, he glares at me with his yellow eyes wide open and he looks really scary. Once, he flew around the whole place  and I couldn’t get one decent shot of him. “You want my picture? Why don’t you take my picture ha?! Try taking it while I’m flying around you weak bag of flesh!”

This is the relationship I have with them. They don’t really stay as my neighbors for more than a month. They travel a lot but come back for a few days so I can take more pictures of them.