He was trying, I’ll give him that but no one can overcome the power of the shadows. They would suck the life out of him, bit by bit, feed on his happiness, make him relive his worst memories over and over.

They would torture him, feed off his screams, revel in his misery, turn him into nothing but a bloody bundle of flesh. They wouldn’t kill him just yet, no. They would test him for the will to live. Just to test the will.

He was trying very hard to keep his head above the water but he was at the edge, just one little push would take him over now. Just one push.

And then he well. Victim to his own mind. I sighed. Pity, I’d actually liked him.

I remember when the shadows were testing me. Oh! The things they whispered in the ear, the words that echoed in the mind. They destroyed every barrier I had put up. “You’ll be like us soon” they told me. Their voices sounded so soft, so sweet, yet, they made me panic “We’ll make you one of us, soulless, heartless, lifeless……….you’ll see the true meaning of life”

Every nightmare brought back to life before my eyes. “Give in, it will take only a second…  faster than falling asleep. I tried so hard to resist that something snapped within me.

Oh well, I wonder who’s next….maybe I can feed off them for a bit before they go to the shadows. To feel them powerless, to make them scream….

Why would anyone do this? There had to be more to life than this. There was more colour, more light. Not this, no.

I looked at the next victim. A young girl. So much life ahead of her, she would be so tasty. I could feel the need growing. To hear her scream, to see her cold dead body.

Such a young girl, what did she ever do to deserve this? I could feel the bile rising up in my throat. Why? How many more must become corpses?

Life was nothing, free will was just an illusion. This is the truth.

Life was beautiful and free. This is all false.

It’s just a mirage.

It’s just a mirage.