I am very bad at cooking. I almost blew the kitchen up. You know how? I put metal. In the microwave. Who does that??!!? Me.

I was trying to bake an apple cake. I forgot to put in the apples.

I was trying to bake a cake. I forgot the sugar.

I was trying to bake a cake. I forgot the baking powder.

I was trying to bake a cake. I forgot to put in the milk, so I was literally standing there for half an hour trying to figure out what went wrong.

Who could be that stupid right? I’ll tell you who – Me.

I’m that one person who eats a lot but is lost in the kitchen. I mean, once I almost put salt in a dish instead of sugar and this one time I put like half a bottle of chili flakes in pasta.

Speaking of pasta, I tried making pasta sauce once put it came out so…milky…like….how? I don’t even know how it happened. I was trying to make that white sauce and it just….. yuck.

I have a bad experience with cooking. The only thing I can do right is boiling water..and milk. I can also toast bread but this one time, I kind of……I don’t know what happened but that toaster never worked again…….(sorry…..)

But…..I did successfully bake a cake….(but it didn’t really rise up that well and it wasn’t spongy so it doesn’t really count….)

Think of it like this, you can’t be any worse than me. You’d think that I’ve hit rock bottom and now there’s now way but up, wouldn’t you? Oh no, I’ve brought my spade and I’m ready to dig! (At least I’m enthusiastic about it! yay! Let’s get this thing started!!)

I was also wondering if any of you had bad experiences with cooking? Share your stories!!