The lies are eating away my heart,

Shattered illusions,

Broken dreams.

My legs turn into jelly,

My head into stone,

My heart, somewhere in between.

I think I’m going insane

from playing all your games.

I think I’m losing my touch on reality

because of your sugar-coated words.

Now I know.

I see the monster that you are.

And the one I’ve become.

Monsters aren’t under our beds, They’re inside our heads.
We lie to ourselves. We manipulate our own minds
We choose to ignore the truth because it hurts too much.
But this is the truth darling and nothing can change it.
We’re the ones who drive ourselves insane.

And if you let yourself be washed away by yourself,
you’ve become the monster your younger self was always afraid of.

But in the end, that’s what we all are.