I looked out of the window to see the colour of the sky. Today it was a dark green with streaks of blue and white in it. I looked at the sun and found that it had decided to shine a brilliant purple. It had been a ultramarine blue yesterday.

Many people didn’t like it that nature changed colour that often. I think it’s cool. Something new to look forward too. Something different from the dull colours of people.

Humans. They were funny beings. Most of them tried to chase me away, some tried to lure me into their traps, others just didn’t care but I liked children. They were nice, sweet little things.

I hopped onto the window sill and tried to sense which way the wind was blowing. I loved this time of the day. It was cool and the most fragrant flowers had just opened up and the little foxes were coming out of their den, closely followed by their mothers, trying to get a taste of the world.  It was the time to start a journey. To dare to be different.

To believe that we can find ourselves over again. It’s never too late to change.

Nature already accepts you for what you are. It always has. A mother will not reject her own children. Now, it’s time for you to accept yourself. I truly believe that acceptance is the first step to happiness.

With all these thoughts in my head, I shook my wings once, spread them out and flew from the window sill, joining the other birds in the sky, going where the wind took them. I let out a screech of joy, spreading my wings to the maximum and screeching again as my whole clan took up the cry.

It was time to eat.