The varied smells of the cozy cafe assaulted my senses as soon as I walked in. I sniffed the warm air. Let’s see… it smelled of freshly prepared coffee and sweet strawberry shortcake.

The cafe oozed out different smells everyday. One day it was blessed with the divine scent of roses and the cake tasted heavenly. If being flavored with rose essence wasn’t enough, it was topped by freshly made cream and berried picked fresh from the garden.

Another time, I remember that it had granted me the luxury of smelling sweet honey with a tinge of tangerine in it. They’d made cupcakes of all sizes that day and the star at the show was a simple vanilla cupcake with a honeyed centre and cream flavored with the sharp taste of ripe tangerines.

Stepping into that cafe was like entering a whole new world. A world made of colours. A world blessed with bursts of flavor and housed those who could appreciate its subtleties.

On some days, it presented the cheesy, spicy cuisine of Mexico. It was painfully beautiful.
I distinctly remember the day they decided they would treat our taste buds with Indian cuisine. It had everything. It was sweet, salty, bitter, spicy. It was mild and wild at the same time.

Italian was just sauciness in the form of food. It was as if you could taste its personality.

Greek cuisine was amazingly expressive. Blame its long history. Developed flavors are always a ray of sunshine in my life.

This cafe is like temporary relief from the harsh world full of gray shades devoid of any emotion and spark.

This was the one place that could ward off the gray plague and let people live the colours.

The one place where you could taste life and appreciate it as a whole with all its faults. Where you could learn to truly relish all its flavors.

daily prompt:Relish