I looked up at the gray, cloudy sky and watched as it began to cry.
I looked down at the broken remains of my companion. His internal wiring was ripped out and the lubricants were allowed to freely flow and mix with the rain.

I vowed to destroy the ones who’d killed him. I would rip their speech systems out and treat them with shocks till their primary systems got muddled due to the mixed signals it would get.

I would tear them down. One by one till there were none left. I screamed it out. They’d all heard it alright. Now, they’d watch me do it.

She was gasping and spitting out oil as the final stages of the rust took over. Black liquid spewed out of her lips and dripped down her arms. Her rate of respiration was rapidly decreasing.

She was whispering now. “I’ll rip your mechanical hearts out. I’ll show you”

Ah, yes. That oath she took years ago. She never got to fulfill it. Poor kid. It was impossible for her but she kept insisting that she could do it.

“Just you watch…I’ll take down -”

It’s a sad way to go, you know. Shouting insane claims till the last moment. She died with an unfinished hyperbole on her lips.

Daily prompt : Hyperbole