1. Everybody denies.
  2. Everybody lies.
  3. Everybody dies.

Doing the first two don’t really make sense when you look at the third one. The problem with most people is that they don’t see the bigger picture. We, as humans, need to rise above the basic instincts because that is why we are different from animals. Humans, unlike animals, can plan for the future.

There were three men working on a construction project.

A passerby asked them what they were doing.
The first man said, “I’m laying bricks”
The second man said, “I’m building a wall”
The third man said, “I’m constructing a temple”
(The temple bit doesn’t really matter. It could be any huge structure a theatre, a palace, a jail. Whatever you like)

What one can derive from this is that – the bigger picture matters. You might not see what you’re doing now but it’ll become clear to you one day and that will be the day you wish that you’d been more focused and worked harder on it all those years ago.

It’s a fault we all have but just do what you’re doing with complete focus. Immerse yourself in your work because one day you will look at your temple(building-thing) and you will see one brick out-of-place which will make you wish that you’d been more careful while laying those bricks.

There are two important rules I’ve learnt –
1)Focus. 2)Plan for the future.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t see what you’ll be doing in the future. It really doesn’t. Don’t think that far into the future because one day you will realise that when that you will be dead in the future. It’s the universal truth and the faster you try to accept it the better you can live your life. Acceptance is the first step to achieving anything.

Think six months to one year. It’s a small time frame but it’s a start.