Everything you could ever ask for.
All in one place.

Exotic cuisines
Beautiful people
Cash at the casino

All laid out




You might think that it’s dangerous.
But that’s not what it is.
It’s addictive

All it takes is one sniff
And it’ll get you sorted out.

They say that it’s just my mind
Playing tricks on me
Because of all the toxic fumes.

It’s not.

The real poison is in the air.
Not in the pills.
It’s you who can’t see the truth.

But that’s okay.
I’ll make you see.
I’ll get rid of that mirage.

Don’t you worry.
I’ll beat you into submission if I have to
But I’ll make you see.

No time for second thoughts here.
None of your reality talks.
I’ll show you what reality actually is….

Oh darling, the things you’re in for….

Daily Prompt :  Second Thoughts