The End is where all activities cease.
Where everything loses its purpose.
Where the land is stripped of all productivity.
Where evolution reaches its final stage
Before the cycle starts, all over again.

The end is like the absolute zero of life.
Where nothing you do matters.
Where there is no room for anything.
Where everything ends up.
Where everything comes to a halt.

The End is where your beliefs don’t matter anymore.
Where agnostics, atheists and devout worshippers of different religions end up.
Where we finally break out of our self-centred lives and realise how insignificant we are, when compared to the vastness of the Universe.

The End is where we all break free.
Where resistance, no matter how great, is useless.
Where all our efforts are deemed worthless.
Where struggle is pointless.

Where we fall into eternal sleep
And our lullaby is the sound of the foundation of reality, crumbling.


By Grounded in Fantasy and The Fictionally Real One.