Wake up when morning comes.
Drink your coffee,
Wear appropriate clothes,
Work through the day,
Earn the money you spend,
Come back home,
Take rest,
Entertain yourself for a while
And then welcome sleep with
Warm blankets and soft pillows.

Do it all over again the next day.

We’re all small pieces
Of a huge clock.
Or maybe we’re small machine parts
Of this huge mechanical world.
Does that mean that there’s some spare parts too?

We’re all like clockwork.
Every night, we wind ourselves
With the key of sleep.
We toil through the day
While our coiled springs unwind
With every step we take.

Sometimes, we jerk and fall out-of-place
But it doesn’t take long to clean out the dirt,
Grease our parts
And move on.

There’s a hint of beauty
In the repeated, round-the-clock actions
Of our ever turning gears.

A time will come
When we can no longer make it turn
By repairing the worn out wheels.
When that happens,
We are left with no choice
But to let the rust eat away
At our repeatedly greased metal parts.

Many fear it,
Many welcome it
But only a few truly
Accept it.

And thus,
We let our clockwork lives
Come to an end.

But always remember that it is
Alright to fear the nature
But never interfere with the
Motion of other
And if you do,
Always help wind it back up.

source: Pinterest