I try to see the different colours of the world before they fade.
I try to find beauty in everything, no matter how small it is
And I can because everything has colours and colours mean beauty.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the dark.
It has a charm of its own.
A charm that colour can’t exude.

And if you try to observe, you’ll see that all of us bleed colours too.
And they’re all different shades.
Each one is different.
The colours signify who we are
Or maybe we signify what the colours are.

But as time goes by,
You learn that we’re all interdependent.
One cannot exist without the other.

If that’s true, then what does the absence of colour look like?
Maybe black?
But black is considered a colour.
Maybe absence of colour is just not existing.

Afterall, on the inside,
We’re nothing but colours.