I watched on as she was tied to the stake.
The cloths that bound her reeked of kerosene and sulphur. Not that it mattered, she’d be smelling the same in a few seconds.

People had started to gather. They did what crowds were supposed to do – make a lot of noise.They start to thump their feet on the street of cobbled stones. A casual, powerful beat. Nothing too serious.

The mayor raised his hand to silence the crowd. It tried to, just a bit.
“This woman, this hag here” he said, poking the woman with the stick he had “is a witch!She is one of the vilest creatures that dare live among us!”
The crowd hooted in approval. “She dared to think that she had a place among Gods divine creation. For this sin, she shall be punished!” the crowd had started the beats again.

“My friends, my countrymen! Let us cleanse this world of this anomaly!” they cheered and moved closer to the stake

The fire was lit. For a while, the only thing audible to me, was her screams as she begged for mercy. She looked around for a friendly face, but found only cheerful villagers, eager for entertainment. Her eyes landed on me, “Please! Cain! Please!” I shook my head. No, this was something I refused to interfere in.

Her screams grew louder as the flames licked her body, eating her flesh and growing stronger till her body seemed to be fire itself. The crowd had gone wild. Cheering, throwing more sticks for the fire to eat.

What was that you just thought? Inhuman? My dear, this is the most human we can get. This isn’t inhuman at all, it’s completely, thoroughly and without a doubt, extremely human.

This is revenge.

Revenge,much like the flames that just devoured her, tends to eat up the very soul of the person it has infected.

You can think whatever you like but remember, you’re just as human as everyone else around you. Tell me, how does it feel to know that the same flame of humanity burns in you and the worst criminal in the world? We’re all the same, love.

You’re just as human as I am.

Daily prompt:Flames