He looked out of the window and saw a blur of colours, mixing together, forming so many vivid shades. The bus came to a halt and he got off, hoping that he’d be able to survive another day of school.

So many people. They were walking in groups, talking but not really…..
Everything seemed muted and nothing made an impression on him.

Until he saw her. Flying high in the sky and doing backflips in the air before landing down. The colours seemed to crowd around her. It was as if she was the only colour in this world of black and white.

He was spellbound by her. Everything existed around her. Unicorns, pegasi, crumpled horn snorcacks. Even the colours enjoyed being around her. It played with her hair and wherever she went, she left deep, glittering footprints behind her.

The weather changed around her too. It started snowing and impossibly large and intricately designed snowflakes floated down and landed on her shoulders. Her laugh sounded like bells on a sleigh. Tinkling and bringing joy wherever they went.

They had their first class together too. He sat down on the chair, looking around the room for her. Desperately trying to infuse some emotion in his weathered heart.
Suddenly she was right there. Sitting on the desk in front of him. She looked at him and laughed. He smiled, appreciating her eyes that changed colour every second.

She leaned down and touched her forehead to his. This time he laughed along with her. They looked perfect. They completed each other, literally. What he didn’t have she gave him and what she didn’t, he provided.

One of his classmates sat down beside him and noticed him smiling like a lunatic at nothing. “You alright dude?”

He seemed to snap out of his trance and focused on the world again. She was gone and she had taken the dreams with her, leaving everything as faded and dull as it had been before.

“Yeah, man. I’m fine” he said. The guy nodded and looked happy with the reply.
He reached into his bag and took out his notebook. Is it right to be so dependant on one person that your whole world looks like shades of grey without that person being there?

Shaking his head he looked to the board, only to see her again. Floating on thin air, surrounded by other worldly wonders.

Bringing back life into his dull and muted, faded world.


(Well, I thought was about time for a colourful view on hallucinations)

Daily Prompt :Faded