We often live our lives in ignorance.
Unaware of our surroundings,
Congratulating ourselves
For being pathetic humans.

Or do we pretend to be without knowledge?
Choosing to turn a blind eye
And a deaf ear
To the tortured cries of the Earth.

We came, we saw and we left.
Nothing personal
Don’t mind us little bird,
Return to your battle
Against your brethren
Who have hearts of steel
Beating inside their wiry ribs.

Poisoned rivers.
Contaminated soils.
Pay no attention to us,
We’re just passing through
Crawling like pesky rodents
In your sacred temples.

Fear not Mother,
The ones who come next
Will be the ones to cleanse you
We’re just visitors
Exploiting your vast resources.

And here we are,
Safe in the walls we’ve built for ourselves.
Away from the toxic fumes that burn the land
Constructing fake realities
For our delicate minds.



(Any guesses what this is about?)
Daily Prompt: Construct