Go back to the beginning. Turn your mind back to when it started and replay it in your head, again and again till you find the link.
We’ve all had so many different lives. We all live more than once. The one life that we have is made up of many small ones, each lasting a little less than the previous ones. The people who degrade in life are the ones that have lost the ability to be reborn again.

That myth, about remembering things from your past lives? It’s true. Some demons will never go away. No matter how hard we try. Some events will always follow us and they are never the good ones because misery and sorrow bury themselves deep into our minds, refusing to leave and we can never throw them out because we all crave to remember the past. We all think pain makes us wiser but that isn’t true, we wish for pain because we think that it’ll make our lives worth something.

Our life is an endless circle of being born, reliving past sorrows, feeding more misery into our system and then dying.

No matter how hard you try, you can never break out.
We all want it. We all think that the more hard sad our lives are, the more meaning it holds.

I crave attention and so do you. Don’t bother trying to deny it. We both know it’s true. All of us desire attention and we all have different ways to get it. We all have our poison. Things we can’t live without. Drugs for our mind.

Mine are words. I like words that are cold and harsh. That leave a stinging mark on my mind like a whip does on skin. I crave the pain and pleasure words give me.Those harsh words help clear the confusion in my mind, creating a channel for my own words to flow. The ones I write still lack solid form and foundation but I know that they are true.

My words will never lie to you, they will never manipulate you, never force you,  but you will agree with me. And by the end of it all, I want your poison to be my words. I want you to want to keep coming back to read my words. I want my words to be able to destroy you or make you feel like you’re on top of the world. This is the way I crave attention. By capturing your mind.

I want you to love my words because once you love something, they become yours forever. You’ll never escape them, if you try, you’ll find that you are walking in a circle, returning back. This is also the reason we keep are memories safe. We keep thinking of the good times in the past and cry over them. We like the pain they give us.

So I want you to return back to my words. I want them to echo in your head and in your soul because I know that they can.

My words are my own. No one can steal them or erase them. They’ll always be there in the dark, waiting in the shadows for you to shine your light on them.

My deepest and darkest secret? I want to be able to control people’s emotions with just my words.

The truth about misery is that we all crave it.