I’ve recently finished tenth grade and for people residing in India, that’s a big thing. This is the part where my interactions with my closest friends will reduce (not stop but reduce to a large extent). So, I guess this is a kind of good-bye letter to them or rather the time I could’ve spent with them had I chosen to go to the same college as them (I don’t regret that).

The first time I saw her, she was being bullied by her “friends”. I thought nothing of it and just carried on with my life. The first time I initiated an actual conversation with her was about five years later and I remember thinking, “Oh! She’s not that bad”. What actually made me want to be friends with her was my pity for her. She was hesitant to leave those friends behind but with great difficulty I did, in a way, drag her away.

The first month we were together, I didn’t act much different from her previous friends. It was an experiment (in a way, everything I do starts off as an experiment) to see if she stood for being bullied because she thought the bully was her friend. (I also refused to be friend with anyone who couldn’t stand up for themselves). She did, for a while, say nothing  but she slowly started to react more and refused to be pushed around. I think this was when I started to admire her and look up to her. We’ve come a long way since then and she’s a hundred times stronger than she used to be.

There’s another one. She’s quite sensitive (she does cry a lot but that doesn’t mean I love her any less). I didn’t quite like her at first but she did make good food so I tolerated her. I never thought I would ever consider her as one of my friends but it actually happened (I blame it on the food. I bet she put something in them). I think this actually proves that the easiest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  My love for her now, at this moment, goes beyond her cooking skills.  If I were to describe her in one word, that word would be ‘beautiful’. She’s a beautiful person and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

There’s a third but I have no idea what to say about this one. So, I’ll just say this – Remembering people isn’t as important as remembering what they’ve taught you and you, my friend, have taught me nothing. So, I suppose I have no other choice but to remember you and I will for as long as I can.

We might drift apart and never meet again or maybe our friendship will end in a fight and I will refuse to have anything to do with any of them or maybe we’ll remain friends till the day we die but know this, these three humans will live on, in my memories and in my heart, forever.