Grounded in Fantasy

I am a wanderer, trying to find joy in the smallest things and light in the darkest places. I am the dreamer of improbable dreams and the hoper of far flung hopes


Silence and loneliness make us more aware of our mortality. Being aware of our mortality makes us question the meaning of our lives. Then we realise that very few people actually contribute something worthwhile to this world.The rest just help... Continue Reading →


Baahubali : A review or something like that….

The biggest success in Indian cinema history - Tollywood's Baahubali. It's made more than 1000 crores (about 150 mil usd) What I liked best about the movies, especially the second one, was that, overall, there were very little dialogues. You could... Continue Reading →

Well, that’s that

I've recently finished tenth grade and for people residing in India, that's a big thing. This is the part where my interactions with my closest friends will reduce (not stop but reduce to a large extent). So, I guess this... Continue Reading →

My Darkest Secret and the Truth about Misery

Go back to the beginning. Turn your mind back to when it started and replay it in your head, again and again till you find the link. We've all had so many different lives. We all live more than once.... Continue Reading →


I am so excited for this one! A big thank you to thefictionallyrealone for nominating me. My favorite movies aren't really well-known but they are extremely beautiful movies that are very underrated. So, if you have the time, do try... Continue Reading →

The echoes of Nostalgia

You can never really forget some things. It doesn't matter how much they hurt Or how young you were. We are affected by everything in this small world. Maybe you don't realise it but even an ant Can change the... Continue Reading →

Distorting truth

I think lying is as good as fleeing. Someone once told me "I am not lying. I just distort the truth to fit the paradoxical reality of the situation I encounter."  Smart kid. But, I am a hypocrite. I lie... Continue Reading →

Earthly desires

We often live our lives in ignorance. Unaware of our surroundings, Congratulating ourselves For being pathetic humans. Or do we pretend to be without knowledge? Choosing to turn a blind eye And a deaf ear To the tortured cries of... Continue Reading →

Dreaming out loud

He looked out of the window and saw a blur of colours, mixing together, forming so many vivid shades. The bus came to a halt and he got off, hoping that he'd be able to survive another day of school.... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock

I've visited sites of historic importance before. I've seen the people and their houses. I've tasted the food and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I suppose it shows you how temporary life really is. I've often heard... Continue Reading →


Wake up when morning comes. Drink your coffee, Wear appropriate clothes, Work through the day, Earn the money you spend, Come back home, Take rest, Entertain yourself for a while And then welcome sleep with Warm blankets and soft pillows.... Continue Reading →


I try to see the different colours of the world before they fade. I try to find beauty in everything, no matter how small it is And I can because everything has colours and colours mean beauty. But that doesn't... Continue Reading →

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